Plus to be honest paying such a sum of money for potentially a worn, damaged or worse, a fake rifle puts me off.

With the advent of good quality replica parts I have decided to build my own sniper rifles. These rifles are conversions of the selected standard infantry rifles, they are not originals but they professionally rebuilt rifles in the spirit of the original with accuracy enhancing modifications.

They are rebuilt using my extensive knowledge, precision engineering, the mounts are clocked so they are parallel with the bore, the woodwork is fully restored, actions are bedded, the muzzle crowned and the rifle is test fired to ensure these rifles will shoot as well or better than the originals.

In the main these rifles are made to order, we can supply and build a rifle or you can supply a rifle of your own, all rifles are tested for accuracy and suitability as a donor rifle prior to any work beginning. There is no point building a sniper rifle on a donor rifle that can not shoot in the first place. Original scopes are expensive, can be in poor condition, spares are rare, difficult to get hold off and I am not an instrument technician, therefore I do not fit these scopes to my rifles, I use new replica scopes or scopes from a slightly later generation, where they can be repaired and serviced. Whilst we can fit original scopes if supplied by the owner, they accept all responsibility for its condition.

Current Conversions

.303 Lee Enfield No4T

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.303 SMLE No1 MkIII*

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Having cut my teeth on the L42A1 Sniper Rifle as a young Armourer more than thirty years ago I have been working with one sniper rifle or another ever since. Whilst I like the modern sniper rifle my passion lays with classic sniper rifles where you still need good old fashioned armouring and shooting skills to persuade these fine rifles into performing their best. I have always wanted to own one of these rifles but at exceedingly high prices, myself like many other humble shooters can’t afford the huge sums of money required and as a result these rifles stay out of our reach.

7.62 Mauser K98

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7.62x54R Mosin Nagant 1891

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30.06 Springfield 1903A1

30.06 Springfield 1903A4

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7.92 Mauser M48

7.92 Mauser M48/52

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.303 Enfield P14

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7.62mm Parker Hale M82

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