Over the years I have collected many classic rifles but they have tended to be on a individual basis and with no particular manufacturer in mind. I have had no interest in collecting rifles with certain serial numbers, consecutive models or marks of a certain rifle types, my principle aim is to study the design. In recent years my interest in rifle collecting has moved in three distinct directions, away from the classic military rifle and more towards civilian classic designs, towards specific manufacturers or to preserve an element of firearm history.

I am not a professional or serious collector. I collect principally because I want to learn, I enjoy the restoration and lastly because its good fun. Funds are limited, so I target rifles that I can afford, provide an interesting design and are therefore worthy of study.

My interest in Mauser rimfire rifles is because of the sheer build quality, a number of interesting designs were produced, the rifles were aimed at the higher end of the market and as rimfire models I can just about afford them. Collecting British rimfire rifles is not so much the need to collect but the need to preserve. I do not plan or search to find these rifles, I simply stumble across them, I recognise there place in history and my natural need to restore and preserve kicks in.

My most recent collections involve the Ruger No. 1’s, again the collection was not by design but due to what is America’s most elegant rifle and a unusual British rifle, the BMS CAM.


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