Modern Ruger rifles are fine but historically never really rocked my boat, but in 2019 I fell seriously ill and although I physically pulled through quiet quickly, the recovery period required an element of mental focus if I was to fully recover successfully. I have always had a minor interest in falling block rifles (reminds me a little bit, when I worked on artillery pieces) and having never even held a No. 1, I decided to bit the bullet and purchase a .22-250 varmint. The part 1 report follows my experiences but needless to say, I was hooked and the restoration and rebuilding of that rifle provided the necessary focus to restore my well being.  

As readers will be aware the Ruger No. 1 enjoyed many years of success and in my opinion, as the USA’s most elegant factory produced hunting rifle. Reading my reports elaborates on the rifles action, history and performance, however whilst I am not a hunter, this rifle has a unique quality that I have not experienced in any other rifle. I like military classic rifles, sniper rifles but tradition hunting rifles have always been on my periphery, however the No. 1, retains my fascination, like no other rifle that I can recall and I’m not sure why. Uniquely it helped me restore my well being and therefore there is a personal involvement, maybe its my age, as you get older you prefer and appreciate the finer things in life, like a good brandy. My age is definitely a factor as my shooting style has changed to one of accuracy perfection, where when I was younger, it was more fast and furious competitions, competing in practical type shoots on military electronic target ranges which I would struggle to compete in now.

As accuracy is now my driving factor, I am doing everything I can to squeeze that tighter group out of my No. 1’s. Many of my rifles have heavy high quality target barrels, in known accurate calibres. They are fitted with target scopes and can be fitted with detachable aids to improved the rifles handling in a target environment and whilst not in the the same league as a purpose built and dedicated target rifle, my No. 1’s do produce some very good results.

Another aspect, is preservation, you rarely come across a new rifle in the UK and therefore nearly all rifles are second hand and in various conditional states. The Ruger No. 3 is a case in question where the priority was to preserve the rifles originality. However regardless of whether it is to restore, preserve or accurize, these rifles are a pleasure to own and shoot.

Part 1 - Ruger No. 1 6BR

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Ruger No. 3 .22 Hornet

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Part 7 - Ruger No. 1 .303

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