TVG is a fully trained and qualified Armourer with qualifications gained from a British Army Apprenticeship, Royal Military College of Science and Oelikon Contraves AG in Switzerland. Therefore our Armourer’s services are based on formal skills and experience. We are not amateurs who are keen on shooting and have got into the trade, our work is done with professionalism, precision and attention to detail only possible by a trained and qualified armourer who takes intense pride in his work. A rifle restored by TVG is not a lick of paint with some varnish slapped on the woodwork. Original authenticity is retained as much as possible by maintaining authentic markings, and retaining some minor blemishes to maintain character. Where possible, research is carried out as to the rifles history, its age, place of manufacture, service destination, unit markings and any mid life upgrades. TVG can carry out most Enfield and Mauser repairs as we have access to a wide range of spares. Repairs including head spacing, trigger tuning, bedding, replacement or repair of worn components. More recently TVG has extended its restoration portfolio to include sporting rifles. Rifles can be totally rebuilt which include stock restoration, re-bluing, tuning and bedding. All rifles are inspected and function tested prior to release to the customer.

General Restoration

When the rifle is brought in by the customer its condition is inspected for safety and whether it is practical to restore the rifle.

Restoration Process

1. The rifle is In-inspected and its history identified.

2. It is completely stripped down to all its component parts.

3. The wood and all the metal parts are degreased.

4. Repair or replace any damaged parts.

5. All metal parts are polished

6. All the old finish is removed from the wood leaving any historical markings.

7. Remove any excessive oil from the wood.

8. Repair or replace all the wood by traditional methods.

9. Correctly fit and colour match all the wood.

10. Seal wood and apply the final finish.

11. Correctly fit and lubricate all the components.

12. Gauge rifle with matching numbered components

13. Assemble rifle

14. Function test rifle with dummy cartridges.

Range test

When the restoration process is complete the rifle is range and safety tested. The rifle must achieve or better the standard infantry grouping of a 4” Square at 100yrds


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