Classic Military Rifles

Thames Valley Guns take great pride and applies considerable skill and experience in the restoration of our classic military rifles. We source our rifles are to ensure good barrels and actions thereby ensuring you gain maximum longevity from your rifle. Included in every rifle we sell is a complete strip, solvent clean, polish, restored woodwork and rebuild, ensuring a fully serviced rifle, gauged and guaranteed to be without fault.

We restored the rifles to there original specifications, taking every effort to retain any historical markings thereby ensuring you receiving one of the finest restored rifles available today in the UK.

Having purchased a rifle from TVG all you have to do is zero and enjoy your new purchase.

Current Stock

30.06 Gibbs/Springfield 1903A3

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.303 Lee Enfield No4T Replica

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 7.62x54R 1891/30 Mosin Nagant Sniper

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 7.92mm Mauser G98 Anniversary

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 .303 SMLE No1 MkIII

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5.56mm Milcam Rifle

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