Springfield 1903A4

BSA 12/15.22LR

Lee Enfield No1 MkIII .303

Armalon AL42 .5.56mm

CZ527 6.5mm Grendel

Sportco M44 7.62mm

L1A1 7.62mm

Mauser 1909 7.65mm

Winchester P14 Suppressed .308

Schmidt Rubin K31 7.5mm

Mauser 1898/29 7.92mm

Winchester P14 .303

Remington 700 .243 TVG

Replica Lee Enfield No4T .303

Marlin 883 .22WMR

Winchester P14 .303 with Lyman Scope

BSA Hunter .22 Hornet

Browning T-Bolt .22LR

Stevens Model 56C .22LR

Israeli FN Mauser 7.62mm

AIA M10A1 7.62x39

Mossberg 42MB .22LR

Steyr Model 1895 8x56R

Mauser 66S .270

Parker Hale M82 7.62mm

Howa 1500 .308W

Lee Enfield No5Mk1 .303

Parker Hale Scout .308

Winchester P14 .303 with Replica MVA Scope

Springfield 1903 30.06

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