In 2010 I purchased one of these rifles for a customer. I was so impressed with the build quality that I have decided to set up a collection and research these superb rifles.

Over the years I have owned many rimfire rifles, many are aimed at the budget market, many fit the middle market but have expensive extra’s such as thumbhole stocks and varmint barrels which can easily put them into the £1000 plus bracket, but ultimately the rifle is still a middle market model. Then there are exorbitantly priced rimfire rifles, selling on their name, that cant group any better than other good quality rimfire rifles. But there is a small group of rifles that fall into the exceedingly good quality bracket, that are expensive, but not exceedingly so.

Although no longer made, the Mauser 201 falls into that bracket. Especially the De-lux model, where there is absolutely no plastic parts, deep quality bluing and nicely grained woodwork as can be seen in the rifle above.

These technical notes are as a result of that collection and describes the various models, production variations and performance criteria that I have identified to date. As you can see I have owned a quite a few rifles since 2010 and in a couple of cases I have upgraded the rifle with aftermarket barrels to maximise these rifles performance even further. Some of these rifles have now been sold to make way for others, however with the superb bolt, excellent trigger, built in pillar bedding and crowning, it is my opinion that these rifles are hard to beat and as a result I feel these rifles must rank as some of the finest sporting rimfire rifles ever made.

If you are a Mauser 201 owner I hope you find these notes of interest and assistance. If you have any information that you are willing to share and that you don’t see on these pages then it would be great to hear from you. My email is:

Mauser 201 Collection

Part 1 - General Description & Production Variations

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Part 2 - Individual Rifle Descriptions .22LR Models

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Part 3 - Individual Rifle Descriptions .22LR Models

Part 4 - Individual Rifle Descriptions .22WMR Models

Part 5 - Operators Manual in English

Part 6 - Individual Rifle Descriptions .17HMR Model

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