This rifle is not a replica of any particular Sniper Rifle. It has been built deliberately as as a budget Sniper Rifle. Built on a inexpensive Yugoslavian M48 Mauser, the rifle is fitted with replica German turret rings, a 1950’s period scope which does give it similarities with the German K98, therefore we are able to offer shooters on a limited budget a WWII style Sniper Rifle.  

The action is not bedded, the trigger is standard with no tuning. We select a rifle with a good barrel, strip, test fire to ensure reasonable accuracy, degrease, polish, rebuild, fit and align the rings with the bore and apply a scope. Once built, the rifle is accuracy tested to ensure the rifle is capable of an improved group at 100yrds. As a result this is a no frills rifle.

Detailed notes can be found about this build as part of my “Armourers notes” on the home page.

Mauser M48
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