Built on a standard infantry 1891/30 rifle chassis this rifle is relatively inexpensive and easy to build. The donor rifle has to be sourced and test fired to ensure the rifle is capable of the required accuracy and this can be a fairly long and laborious process due to the poor build quality of some Nagant's. There are no accuracy standards to adhere to, so therefore the rifle is built to the same standards as the German K98 Mauser Sniper Rifle.

This rifle is built using the replica PEM mount and PE scope and the Timney trigger unit.  As with all our rifles the rifle is set up on a bed, clocked and the base precisely aligned with the bore. The original bolt is machined off and a new cranked precision bolt handle fitted. The bolt assembly is polished to facilitate a more smooth operation. The stock is relieved for the base and the new trigger unit. Due to the poor fit of Nagant stocks the action is bedded and the barrel channel relieved to ensure no barrel to wood contact.

The rifle was assembled, test fired and achieved a  group of 1.25” at 100yrds with reloaded ammunition. No attempt has been made to fake this rifle in any way. It was built as a conversion and to exceed the capabilities of the original rifle.

Mosin Nagant 1891
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