Whilst I have made every attempt to accurise this rifle, my reason for fitting a good mount and scope was not to call it a “Sniper rifle” but to accommodate shooters like myself whose eyesight is deteriorating and can no longer successfully focus on the rifles rear sight.

These rifles are readily available but until recently were difficult to fit with a reliable scope base and as a result senior shooters tended to exchange there SMLE for something else that could accommodate there deteriorating eyesight. As Sniper accuracy is not necessarily a requirement for these rifles, customers can supply there own rifle or TVG can supply as required. If TVG supplies the rifle, it is completely stripped and professionally rebuilt as per the customers requirements. We modify the woodwork slightly to accept the base and then fit a suitable scope. Because this is a modern base it will accept any weaver style 1” rings.

In the case of the rifle depicted, it has been fully restored,  semi-accurised which includes tuning the trigger and crowning. The rifle is a 1943 SMLE so therefore the 1949 Weaver x4 scope is from a similar era, looks the part and without ruining the bank. These early Weaver scopes had 1” steel tubes and were well built so therefore manage the SMLE and its recoil really well.

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