of the stock, fitting of the trigger guard/floor plate, fitting of the bases, rings and sling swivels. Whilst the process initially appears relatively simple, the work requires considerable skill, professional machining and considerable fitting to achieve an accurate conversion.

Parker Hale 1200TX’s in reasonable condition and with good barrels are becoming increasing hard to find as rifles in circulation are getting tired. Prices as a result are relatively cheap but buyer be aware as the cheaper guns will inevitably have increased wear.


Suitable scopes in good condition are double the price of the rifle, add the price of the parts and the fitting work and the setup will cost you well into four figures. However in my opinion the end result is well worth it. Although a replica, the parts, scope etc are genuine and therefore the rifle is not far from the original setup had the rifle been assembled at the factory.

The original rifle was designed for a 99% first round hit at 400mtrs and this particular rifle is still capable of that specification and better.

Parker Hale M82

Parker Hale produced a number of sniper rifles built around the Mauser 98 action and the M82 was the first rifle based on its Parker Hale 1200TX target rifle. The M82 can be fitted with aperture target sights or a scope making a flexible option for military forces, however there subtle differences between the M82 and its civilian counterpart.

The M82 has an internal magazine, magazine floor plate, steel scope base and adjustable butt plate. Scope choice depended on the user but typically a Pecar or Kahles scope was the preferred choice.

Converting a TX1200 requires obtaining the correct parts, modification to the butt, machining

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