The Mauser K98 Rifle is the easiest rifle to rebuild as a Sniper Rifle and this is why there are so many fakes around.

The donor rifle is a Norwegian K98 left behind by the Germans after their surrender in 1945. The Norwegian armed forces rebuilt these rifles with new 7.62mm NATO barrels and it was one of my primary decisions for selecting this rifle. The rifle was tested prior to the conversion and passed the grouping criteria required by the Wehrmacht authorities in the 1940’s. The rifle was stripped and set up on a milling machine, the receiver and barrel were clocked to ensure the bore was parallel with the bed prior to fitting the LSR base. Rings are 26mm but are available with 25mm inserts thus provided a wider range of choices with regards to a scope.

On this occasion the fitted scope is an early Swarovski all steel Habicht x4 with a 26mm tube. The trigger is replaced with a Dayton Traister unit which provides a superior release. Stock is bedded and the barrel is crowned.

The rifle has been completely rebuilt and the stock refinished. The rifle was tested at 100yrds with using reloads and achieved a 1” group.

Mauser K98
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