Only Classic Rifles are interesting - Why! because your not purchasing just a rifle, but a complete package that contains character, accessories and 50 - 100 years of history. Modern rifles maybe accurate and highly efficient but they lack the character found in vintage rifles.

Welcome to TVG’s recently updated website. We constantly strive to reflect our passion, which is the restoration of classic and more modern rifles such as the Ruger No.1. We have extended our Armourers service section by including specific classic rifle restorations, scoping options for classic rifles and our “Armourers Notes” section is being constantly expanded to include classic, modern and sniper rifles.  

As a qualified Armourer with over forty years of experience on both civilian and military small arms, we specialise in classic military and sporting rifles. Whilst we cater for all rifles and disciplines, our core expertise is the restoration and building of classic rifles, sniper and sporting rifle derivatives, dating from the 1880’s to the late 1980’s. We will restore and repair all types of rifle but our focus is Lee Enfield’s, BSA’s Mauser’s, Springfield's, Schmidt Rubin’s, Steyr, Lebel, Carcano and Mosin Nagant’s with a quality, second to none. When we restore these rifles, we also take the opportunity to produce  a set of Armourers notes detailing the experience gained when we undertake the work. These notes are freely available and can be downloaded in PDF format by accessing the Armourers Notes page.


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  1. Ruger Long Range Target
  2. SGC SSR15/30
  3. Ruger No. 1 .308 Pt4
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