Mauser Ms420


These Mauser Ms420 rifles were introduced in 1924 and it is reasonable to state that this rifle is in a class of its own with an altogether unique design, that was in my opinion ahead of its time . The rifle is a magazine feed, bolt action .22RF  target rifle with a heavy tapered barrel  25 ¼ ” in length.  The most obvious feature is the very compact receiver which is only 4.6” long. The rifles overall length is 43” and has a considerable weight of  8.3lbs, including a small scope.  The woodwork is plain and lacks any checkering. The user will notice two distinct features, the bolt lift is 25°, the bolt cycle is a very short 1.43” which is only a slightly longer than the magazine platform and the bolt cocks on closing.

This is a beautifully machined and manufactured rifle, built in a time, when objects were built to last, when capability, reliability, performance and accuracy mattered as much as sales.

Scope and rings are included. The scope is a period B Nickel Supramar 2.5x52 with an elevation drum only. Rings are very good quality EAW with windage adjustment.

Price: £649.00

Current Status: Sold

Ms 420 Mauser .22 Rifle
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