At TVG, we have been building high quality replica No4T rifles for a considerable number of years and therefore have substantial experience in building these rifles to a high standard. In recent years we have seen a number of other replica’s coming onto the market that are unlikely to be built by a trained and qualified Armourer, whose basic training was served on Lee Enfield actions. Therefore we would like to share with you the high standards that we use in building these rifles. They are rebuilt using my extensive knowledge, craftsmanship skills and precision engineering to ensure these rifles will shoot better than the originals.

Due to the complexity, these rifles are made to order, we build a rifle using various combinations or in the ultimate package, we can fit a Bartlein barrel as shown below. Once completed, the rifles are tested for accuracy, to ensure the customer receives the best possible rifle.

Cheek pad

Whilst replica walnut cheek pad are manufactured to a reasonable quality, they cannot be simply screwed into place. Most people see the cheek pad as a means to provide correct eye alignment with the scope, but it is also provides extra grip, that enhances handling and control during the bolt cycle. As such, the pad requires a reasonable amount of work to prepare and to be fitted correctly. This includes enlarging the recess to permit the pad to seat correctly, countersinking the screw holes, correct positioning for the users hand, removing all the tooling marks, staining, sealing and finishing the pad to a high standard, so it compliments and supports the rifle correctly.


No4 production barrels, where produced in their millions and in plants all over the world. Whilst reasonable accuracy can be obtained with the original barrel, quality cannot match a modern Bartlein barrel. The uniformity in Bartlein barrels and finish of the bores is second to none. Bartlein’s rifling machines are so accurate, they can carry the twist rate to the 4th decimal point (example: 11.3642). The process of single point cut rifling is the most stress free way to rifle a barrel. The twist is exact, where as other forms of rifling can have variances due to the cutting process other manufactures use. Bore and groove dimensions are more uniform.


Most No4’s have a protective finish in the form of a black heat treated paint, which is no longer available. Because of the rifles age, the quality of this protective finish vary considerably from rifle to rifle. Therefore, when requested, the old finish is removed and a cerakote finish is applied by a certificated cerakote applicator. This heat treated finish is far superior to the original.

Receiver Pads

Receiver pads are critical to a replica No4T’s accuracy. These pads have to be “re-engineered” to guarantee their precision. Once re-engineered, they are aligned to within 0.001” of the bore and therefore ensure both accuracy and within the operating tolerance of the scope. Mounting screws are replaced with high quality British 4Ba screws and secured with loctite, thereby ensuring pad security.

Rear Sight

To meet the No4T specifications, the standard Mk1 rearsight requires the combat sight removing and a radius applied. This modification permits the removal of the bolt assembly, when the No32 Scope assembly is fitted.

Donor Rifle

Good donor rifle selection is essential and can only be done by an experienced Armourer. This ensures the donor rifle has all the essential qualities,necessary to guarantees a successful build. This ensures good rifle longevity, prevents the selection of worn receivers, parts and bolt assemblies.


Good woodwork is critical to an accurate rifle. Standard profile barrels suitable for No4’s are not designed to be floated, barrels must seat consistently at certain key locations, with the wood not touching at any other point. This ensures consistency from shot to shot, which in turn guarantees good accuracy, barrels must be bedded and relieved correctly.  Woodwork is restored to a high standard retaining any historical markings and correct profiles.

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