Lee Enfield 7.62mm No4 MkI - Ser No: PF25844


This No4 Mk1 was manufactured in Fazakerley and is dated May 1944.  The rifle is stamped 7.62mm, FD customary UK proof marks & 19T. As with all TVG guns, this rifle has been inspected, serviced, gauged and range tested and is certified 100% serviceable. This is a nice rifle, with a good, shiny bore that generated 3” groups (Iron sights only) at 100 yards during the range test.

The rifle is supplied with two correct 7.62mm magazines, pull through, oil bottle, Fulton’s scope mount, sling and receiver cover.


Metal work is very good with no damage or wear. Receiver markings consist of the No4 Mk1 logo, year and place of manufacture, serial number, proof marks and  inspectors stamps. There is minimal wear to the receiver and the bolt cycles smoothly without any excess movement. The rifle is fitted with a Mk1 rearsight and the receiver has been correctly machined to accept the 7.62 magazine. Trigger releases at 4lbs 15oz.


The bolt has been gauged for correct headspace and firing pin protrusion. Bolt face is unmarked and bolt head  and the bolt body, have the customary proof marks. The bolt has matching numbers with the receiver.


Rifling is sharp and bright.  


The furniture is all beech, in good overall condition, no fractures, correctly fitted and the pressure on the muzzle/forend is 5.6 lbs.  A QD stud was fitted and has since been removed.


The the rifle is fitted with a replica receiver canvas cover, pull through, oil bottle, one spare magazine, sling and Fulton’s scope mount.

Price: £775.00

Current Status: In stock

Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 7.62mm Rifle
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