Steyr 1895 Carbine -  Ser No: 9232N


This extremely rare and pristine Steyr 1895 Carbine was manufactured by Steyr in 1896 and FTR’d in 1940 at Hembrug, Holland. Overall condition is superb, with matching numbers, correct sights, 100% finish and very good original woodwork. The barrel is in mint condition, showing absolutely no signs of wear. The rifle shoots very well and comes with the original sling. I have not seen another rifle of this type in the UK and to find one in this condition is a unique opportunity for any classic rifle aficionado .

My research leads me to conclude this Carbine is the Naval version, which is best identified by the foresight protector. It is similar to Carbine No3 old model which was used by Artillery and Engineers and had a long upper handguard. On the side of the receiver is “Steyr 1896” which is the place and date of manufacture. Forward of the Steyr 1896 is a further stamp, M1914 and on the butt is Hembrug 1940. As the stock has been professionally modified, I am assuming that the rifle was manufactured in 1896 as a Carbine No3 old model, then upgraded at Hembrug in 1940 to a naval version. The serial number is 9232N and initially I thought it may be possible that the naval carbines have the “N“ prefix to indicate naval service, however I am thinking in English, not Dutch, where the word for Navy is Marine. The upper handguard is a long version where naval carbine models discussed on the Internet had the shorter handguard, however this rifle has all its original parts and has matching numbers throughout including the upper handguard which highlights its originality.

The receiver metal work is superb with no damage and blueing is 100%. Markings are prolific with serial number, proof marks and inspectors stamps. The receiver is in good condition and the bolt cycles smoothly without any excess movement. The bolt has been gauged for correct headspace and firing pin protrusion. The bolt has the customary proof marks, inspector stamps and matching serial number. Woodwork is walnut and is in very good condition with no cracks, transit marks or fractures.

The rifle is provided with a 6.5x53R die set, 55rd of once fired Bertram brass and 3 clips.

Price: £699.00

Current Status: Sold

Steyr 1895 6.5x53R Carbine
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