This stock is manufactured from beech and is in very good condition, with a number of interesting and historical markings. The stocks design is study and robust, therefore it does not suffer from any areas of noticeable weakness.  On this rifle receiver to wood fitting was good, to a point where bedding is not really necessary, however this rifle was bedded to identify its level of accuracy. The woodwork was cleaned and all the years of grim, bruising and varnish is removed. Historical markings are retained and a new finish in keeping with the original is applied.

Trigger, Barrel, Action & Bolt

The receiver, trigger and bolt assembly where heavily greased upon receipt but once all the parts where cleaned in solvent and all the grease removed, parts were polished and re-assembled the action restored to a superb standard with no noticeable wear. External finish was good and therefore did not require restoring. The bolt did have a dull surface which gave a rough feel to the bolt cycle and therefore required polishing to improve its performance. Once rebuilt the rifle cycled and functioned without fault. Barrel condition was excellent and at the time of writing was being tested for it accuracy potential. As I don't have any gauges for this rifle, headspacing is checked by firing and firing pin protrusion is tested using a empty case and a wax filled primer pocket and measuring the the depth of firing pin strike. The action is function tested to ensure all the rifles mechanisms operates correctly.


Foresight is fixed and the rearsight is adjustable for elevation only and takes a little getting use too and therefore the shooter always tend to shoot high when using this rifle for the first time.

1891 Carcano Restoration


The Carcano has had a long history but not one you could call illustrious. This statement may be politically correct but it is not technically correct as the Carcano is a good and capable rifle for its time. It was innovative for its day with a clever trigger mechanism, progressive rifling and unusual rearsight assembly. This particular  rifle was manufactured at Terni Arsenal in 1918 and was factory refurbished in 1957 with its overall condition including the bore being very good. Calibre is 6.5x52mm with modern ammunition being available from Privi Partizan. The rifle uses the mannlicher clip loading mechanism and clips are readily available from various sources both in the UK and abroad . This was an excellent and very interesting rifle to restore, it is well made and its mechanism is study, reliable and practical.

As this rifle was a research project for myself, it was fully restored throughout and bedded to maximise its accuracy.

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