Bedding your rifles action and barrel enhances the rifles accuracy in three ways.

1. Action and barrel are mated perfectly with the woodwork and therefore there is no movement of the action from shot to shot.

2. Reduces the environmental impact on your rifle, for example warping.

3. Floats the barrel thus allowing the natural harmonics of the barrel, thus ensuring consistency from shot to shot.

Accurizing & restoration options

Muzzle crowning

Crowning the barrels muzzle enhances the rifles accuracy in that it permits propellant gases a resistance free and consistent path away from the projectile as it exits the bore. Finally it protects the bore from damage and enhances the rifles appearance.

Trigger fine tuning

Heavy or course triggers simply cause your rifle to be inaccurate. At TVG we can stone and polish your trigger by traditional methods to reduce the pressure or we can insert a modern aftermarket trigger to provide an adjustable, light design, thus improving accuracy considerably.


This is a hot chemical bluing process and requires the rifle to be completely stripped and the original bluing removed with fine emery paper. The receiver/barrel or part is immersed in the solution, producing a good deep quality blued finish. Most No4’s have a protective finish in the form of a black heat treated paint, which is no longer available. Because of the rifles age, the quality of this protective finish vary considerably from rifle to rifle. Therefore, when requested, the old finish is removed and a cerakote finish is applied by a certificated cerakote applicator. This heat treated finish is far superior to the original.

Bolt Handle

Many classic rifles have “straight” bolts which prevent the fitting of a scope. We can fit after market designs such as the one shown on the left. Alternatively we can also manufacture our own bolt handles such as the one shown below.

The bolt handle should be fitted by a competent Armourer or gunsmith.

Wood Finish

Gloss Finish

This finish is hard wearing, oil and water resistant. Wiping over with a lint free cloth to removed any oil is all the maintenance that is required for this surface finish.

Matt Oiled Finish

This finish maintains the military appearance, however although hard wearing and water repellent the surface is more porous, more open to the environment  and thus it can effect accuracy and can be stained more easily. As a result it requires routine maintenance and over oiling of the rifle should be avoided.

Semi Matt Finnish

As the name suggests this is a semi matt finish and one that suits the classic military rifle best as it is the closest to the old linseed oil finish that was often used. The major benefit of this finish, like the gloss is that it requires no further maintenance.

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