MilCam 5.56mm Rifle -  Ser No: 110


This is a brand new MilCam rifle built to the latest specifications. Historically these rifles are extremely rare on the UK civilian shooting scene as they are aimed at the military and police markets.  If you are fortunate to come across a rifle there are usually worn and heavily converted, therefore this is a unique opportunity that should not be missed. This is a military specification rifle manufactured from steel, stock is Kevlar, with the bipod bracket and butt plate being manufactured from aluminium. Unlike earlier models this rifle is extremely light. The rifles mechanism is built for longevity, minimal component parts, it is simple and robust so it can operate in the harshest environments. Some components such as bolt head, barrel, flash eliminator and magazine are common to the M16 rifle.  This rifle does exactly what is says “on the side of the can” and is ideal for shooter that wants a mil spec, unique, accurate and robust rifle.


This rifle has an all steel receiver. The front of the receiver is milled and threaded which permits a locking ring to secure the barrel. The left side of the receiver is profiled and engraved with the manufacturers title, the rifle name and serial number. The top of the receiver has an integral scope rail, however it is not a true picatinney rail and therefore some one piece scope rails will fit. The trigger assembly functions in the same manner as the classic military Mauser with the trigger acting as the cam and providing an adjustable double pull. The CAM’s trigger most be one of the most simple and substantial trigger mechanisms available and as a result mechanical failure is absolutely minimal.


The breech block mechanism is central to this rifles design and what's makes this rifle unique.  The bolt head contains the ejector and extractor and it identical to the standard AR15/M16. The CAM draws it name from the bolts function and has a bolt lift of only 23° providing a very fast cycle action.



The  fluted medium heavy barrel is 20” in length and is fitted with a military flash eliminator giving a total length of  21”. This barrel was supplied by Lother Walther and has a twist rate of 1 in 8, which permits bullet weights up to 70grn.  Although this twist rate can accommodate heavier bullets, bullet weight is limited by the magazine.

Stock, Magazine & Bipod

The furniture is aramid (Kevlar) supported carbon fibre stock built to military specs. The use of a carbon fibre makes for a very strong but very light stock. Barrel is fully floating and the magazine is supplied by Lancer and has steel lips. The rifle is also provided with a sling and parker hale style bipod.

My Armourers notes on this rifle are based on an earlier version and should not be compared with this latest model as there is considerable difference and improvement.

Price: £2880.00

Current Status: In stock

5.56mm MilCam Rifle
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