Gibbs/Springfield 1903A4 30.06 -  Ser No:4189101


This is a very nice Gibbs/Springfield 1903A4 that has been completely rebuilt to  more exacting standards than those provided by the original Gibbs rifle. The replica scope has been replaced with a genuine Alaskan x2.5 model. The Gibbs stock has been replaced with a genuine 1903 stock which has been fully bedded. The trigger has been fitted with a Timney 1903 trigger and the barrel is excellent, making this an exceptional accurate 1903A4. The finished of both the woodwork and  barrel/action is outstanding.


Metal work is superb throughout with 100% phosphating. Markings are consistent with the model and consist of serial number, model, manufacturer, proof marks and inspectors stamps. There is no wear to the receiver and the bolt cycles smoothly without any excess movement. The scope rings have been replaced with genuine models and the scope base shimmed so it is correctly aligned with the bore. Magazine is the five round internal type with a polish magazine platform in keeping with the original rifle.

Bolt Assembly

The bolt has been gauged for correct headspace and firing pin protrusion. Bolt face is excellent, unmarked, has matching numbers and has the customary proof marks to the bolt.


The 24” barrel is in outstanding condition with no wear to the lead, sharp rifling, shiny bore and 100% phosphating. It is a new Gibbs barrel so I am unaware of its origin and is not not marked as per original barrels. The barrel is bedded correctly in the woodwork and the barrel crown is in good condition and undamaged.


The rifle is fitted with an original 1903 stock whose condition is excellent, having been fully refurbished with no transit marks. Metal to woodwork fit is bedded and therefore is to a very high standard.


The scope is provided R.A.Litschert booster which screws into the Lyman Alaskan scope. These boosters are very rare in the UK and increase the scopes magnification to x6

Price: £1695.00

Current Status: Sold

Gibbs/Springfield 1903A4 30.06 Rifle
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