Mauser 1895 7x57 B/A Rifle - Ser No:A7541


This Mauser 1895 was manufactured by Ludwig Lowe of Spandau, Berlin in 1896 and was rescued from a closing British regimental museum in 2006. Placed in the museum at some point, the rifle was rendered safe by breaking the tip of the firing pin off (as was the practice in those days) and has not been fired until my obtainment twelve years ago when I replaced the firing pin. The rifle is in excellent condition, has matching numbers throughout and some excellent engraving by c.J van Roogen with another less artistic  work by JS, both previous original Boer owners of this rifle. Barrel rifling is good with some slight greying to the grooves. Use has been limited to 40rds per year when used in the Autumn action weekend competition, where the rifle has won numerous medals. The rifle has not been fired in the last four years, because my eyes struggle with the rearsight, hence the reason for the sale. This is an example of an increasing rare model with original woodwork/metalwork all in superb condition.


The receiver is in very good condition with no notice wear. The receiver has a five round internal magazine which feeds without fault. Metal work is very good with no damage and the finish is original. Receiver markings are typical for a MOD Mauser and consist of model, serial number, proof marks manufacturer and inspectors stamps. There is no wear to the receiver and the bolt cycles smoothly without any excess movement. All parts such as the trigger guard and the floor plate all have matching numbers.



The bolt has no wear and no damage to the bolt face, it is fitted with the typical large Mauser extractor making extraction and ejection highly effective. The bolt function is smooth and reliable and in my opinion superior to the later G98 & K98 models. Bolt has matching numbers, proof and inspectors stamps.


The barrel is a five groove model with a good bore. The rifling is strong, bright with some slight greying of the grooves. The muzzle is undamaged and all the metalwork retains its original finish. Despite the minor pitting, accuracy is superb. Barrel has a round crown and markings are the factory proof marks and calibre.


The furniture is walnut and is in excellent condition with no fractures but some transit marks as shown. Woodwork is fitted correctly and nothing is loose. As this rifle saw service with the Boers the rifle has been engraved with two previous original owners c.J van Roogen and JS, neither owners can be found in the two books “Carving of the Veldt”


Should the buyer be interested, the rifle can be sold with its associated reloading dies, brass and bullets.

Price £895.00.

Current Status: Sold

Mauser 1895 7x57mm (Boer War)
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